Anniversary symposium – 40 years of CCC

In 1978 the first CCC system was patented. Since then 40 years have passed, in which not only CCC has been established in geotechnical engineering worldwide, but has also significantly influenced the development of the rollers to high tech devices. We would like to review the past four decades together with renowned international experts and take a look into the future. The anniversary symposium offers a platform for geotechnical engineers from all over the world to exchange experience and developments in dynamic roller compaction and compaction control.

We cordially invite you to participate in the anniversary symposium covering the following topics:
• Historic overview of roller compaction and Continuous Compaction Control (CCC)
• Continuous Compaction Control – CCC applications and interpretation of measurements
• Field testing methods for compaction control (e.g. static and dynamic plate load test)
• Standardization, QA/QC and design aspects
• Recent and future developments (e.g. compaction equipment, electronics, internet)

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